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Group Meditation

There is a unique benefit derived from gathering together to meditate as a group. According to our spiritual guide, Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, when we meet in this way, our individual effort is magnified, such that the effects of the meditation increase exponentially.

In Sahaj Marg we are advised to participate in group meditation at least once a week at our local center. When we do so, the encouragement and support we offer to and receive from each other promotes a feeling of brotherhood, helping to sustain our practice in the face of life’s daily demands and distractions. Also, for our individual development, it is essential to develop tolerance, looking for the best qualities in each other and learning from our differences.

This brings us to an important point about individual effort. In Sahaj Marg, the Master works for our spiritual welfare and evolution. However, without our cooperation there is actually very little that he can do for us. Participation in the various aspects of our practice, including group meditation, is one of the best ways we can cooperate with his work.

 "So you see, the group meetings are very important. Because they multiply the effort that we make, the results are far in excess of the sum of individual effort, and we learn by stages: tolerance, respect and love."
-Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, The Role of the Master in Human Evolution, p. 89