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Why Sahaj Marg?

Unique among Indian yogic practices, the Sahaj Marg system offers us the possibility of spiritual evolution to the highest extent within the framework of our natural, everyday lives. It is in the context of family life that almost all human characteristics are perfected, and therefore Sahaj Marg practice is specially developed for the average householder. It is freely offered to all, with the most essential criterion being sincere willingness to participate in the practice.

Sahaj Marg teaches that self transformation holds the key to social transformation. Ultimately, if an individual's character does not change for the better, then no amount of cleaning by the saints of the world will have a lasting impact on humanity. Thus the practice is dedicated to transforming humanity one individual at a time.

There are several specific features of Sahaj Marg that set it apart from other meditation systems. The first is transmission, by which a yogic energy is imparted to the aspirant by the spiritual guide, whom we refer to as the Master. This energy is called pranahutiprana meaning life force; ahuti meaning offering. In Sahaj Marg it is sometimes referred to as ‘the forceless force', both infinitely subtle and capable of generating profound spiritual transformation. By virtue of his spiritual attainment, the Master is able to focus this subtle energy and, as he pours it from his heart into the heart of the aspirant, it dissolves impurities and past impressions and accelerates our spiritual progress. Anyone who practices the system even for a brief period is capable of feeling the effects of this transmission. (What is Transmission?)

Cleaning is another unique aspect of Sahaj Marg, in which we use our mind and will power to remove impressions and complexities that keep us bound to habitual behaviour patterns. As a companion to morning meditation, the cleaning practice is done every evening to clear away the impressions of the day. Deeper cleaning is performed by the Master himself, either directly or through prefects (instructors) whom he has trained to clean and transmit to others through individual meditation sittings. (What is individual sitting?)

The uniqueness of Sahaj Marg resides also in its emphasis on balancing worldly commitments and spiritual practice. We do not have to renounce our possessions or our achievements, but only develop an attitude of non-attachment towards them. Likewise, each human faculty has its legitimate function, and it is through the proper use of these faculties that our lives become balanced. The system advises a reasonable amount of time and effort and is specifically designed for people with families, jobs and all the responsibilities of contemporary life.

Simplicity and naturalness are the essence of Sahaj Marg. There are no rigid dogmas, rituals or mechanical practices; neither are there any strict rules or regulations that an aspirant is required to follow. The commitment is to oneself alone, and progress is dependent on the regularity and dedication of our daily spiritual practice.

“Towards infinity is the way,” says Sahaj Marg. Here there are no static conditions or fixed situations. It is an ever moving, ever-growing, ever-expanding concept. The goal is ever in sight but ever beyond. It is specific, and it exists within each of us. God is in our hearts, not somewhere outside. The ultimate test of Sahaj Marg is to reconcile the inner and outer aspects of our lives and to become a person who is truly balanced.

"God is infinite yet simple, and therefore the way to reach Him must be as simple"

- Babuji (CWI p369)


Sahaj Marg, above all, teaches us this very essential truth that: I am what I am, because of what I did and thought in the past. I shall be in the future whatever I wish to be, if I do and think in the right way now, in the present. So the onus for spiritual development is totally on the abhyasi.

- Chariji