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Cranbury Ashram, New Jersey, USA

This ashram received its approval for occupancy on 16 August 2012. It is located about an hour from Manhattan, NY, and about 10 minutes from Princeton University in New Jersey. The 7,000 sq. ft. ashram features a 2,200 sq. ft. meditation hall, a children’s/community area, a kitchen and a dining space. It also includes a library for abhyasis and their children.

The three-acre property rests in an arboreal locale inhabited by Kwanzan cherry, Norway maple, elm, beech, redwood, zelkova and oak trees. It is nestled in an area of protected wetlands that is home to endangered animal species. A separate one-bedroom quarter will host an onsite caretaker, and there is also a separate storage utility shed on site. The property provides for 55 parking spaces laid out using environmentally friendly precast textured foundations that allow green cover and blend with the surroundings. A brook and a patch of fenced wetland within the property also attract interesting birds.

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