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The Global Youth Network

The primary goal of this initiative is to create a worldwide connection and community for the youth of Sahaj Marg. The Internet became the natural starting point due to its increasing pervasiveness, especially among young people. It allows us to travel across the world without leaving our homes! This idea was accepted quickly and spread through almost all continents. Due to overwhelming participation, Webinars were introduced as a tool where abhyasis could connect and participate in a cyber gathering.

The agendas are aimed at creating fun, instructive content and a means to promote the connection with the Inner Master. The talks given by both young and guest speakers struck at the heart of all participants. The network that is being created allows for promotion of international Sahaj Marg initiatives and a means to quickly mobilize large number of volunteers for projects.


The young abhyasi is typically either single or recently married. Many are studying or starting their careers. Life is very dynamic and busy, surrounded by a world of sensations, temptations and ambition; a period perhaps when the practice is most crucial, yet ironically is sometimes the most neglected.


The first youth webinar took place on June 29th. Br. Bill Waycott encouraged the youth to get involved in the Mission and Br. Santosh Khanjee emphasized importance of discipline in the practice. It was a maiden voyage for the Webinar platform, with the organization team learning many ways to improve to ensure a great experience for participants. Beloved Master’s presence could be felt in the hearts of all present.

On August 25th a group from dozens of countries gathered again online. Participation had increased. There were registrations from California to Australia, passing by Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and India. The webinar began with a brief introduction to the youth network, conducted by Br. Andre Barreto (Brazil). Next, Sr. Simone Skovsang (Denmark) talked about a youth seminar that took place in Vrads Sande ashram last January. That gathering was an opportunity for about 15 young abhyasis from Denmark to get to know each other and plan for activities and projects. Inspiring and beautiful presentations created an atmosphere of love transcending borders of space and time.

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