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Fremont Ashram, California, USA
If there was such a thing as a spiritual yatra for a building, the structure at 585 Mowry Avenue, Fremont, CA commenced it in the middle of September 2009. Following a path much like our own journey in Sahaj Marg, with a lot of ups and downs but undoubtedly progressive, a new center of light materialized on the auspicious day of August 12th,2012 and a beacon shone forth on the western coast of...
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Cranbury Ashram, New Jersey, USA
This ashram received its approval for occupancy on 16 August 2012. It is located about an hour from Manhattan, NY, and about 10 minutes from Princeton University in New Jersey. The 7,000 sq. ft. ashram features a 2,200 sq. ft. meditation hall, a children’s/community area, a kitchen and a dining space. It also includes a library for abhyasis and their children. The three-acre property...
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The Global Youth Network
The primary goal of this initiative is to create a worldwide connection and community for the youth of Sahaj Marg. The Internet became the natural starting point due to its increasing pervasiveness, especially among young people. It allows us to travel across the world without leaving our homes! This idea was accepted quickly and spread through almost all continents. Due to overwhelming...
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Proceedings from the Special Bhandara at Manapakkam on August 15, 2012
Proceedings from the Special Bhandara at Manapakkam on August 15, 2012 are available on the Mission's web-site. A video of Rev. Master's talk as well as its transcript can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Some photographs taken during the Special Bhandara can be viewed by clicking on the following link ...
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Give Your Whole Heart
Annual General Meeting, North American Seminar, 21 February 2012, Chennai, India In this talk (audio and transcript) Master reminds us that love is a treasure that is meant to be distributed, not kept for ourselves. Pleasure-seeking is selfish and a wrong use of our God-given senses, but real love thinks of others and gives with the whole heart. If our hearts our broken, our practice will make...
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Youth Awareness Booth 2011 Souvenir
The creative ideas and projects of our prolific youth are impressively presented in a souvenir publication from our master’s 85th birthday celebrations in Tiruppur (July 2011). Included are stunning photos from a youth photography contest, and updates on the involvement of SRCM youth in UN programmes worldwide to positively influence the future of humanity. Read about the first efforts of...
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Gathering of Russian abhyasis with Master
A slideshow from the January seminar for abhyasis from Russia has been added to our web site along with two talks by our master on the themes of returning to our true and natural state, upholding standards of character, and living from the heart with simplicity. Read the transcripts of the talks and view the many happy faces of all those present at the seminar by going to our home page, ...
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All-India Essay Writing Event 2011
The results of the All-India essay event for 2011 have been posted. This prestigious annual event is a collaborative effort of the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan and Shri Ram Chandra Mission, dedicated to the creation of a peaceful society. Students’ participation is a symbolic expression of their concern for the state of our world and their role in creating a new...
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Master's talk - Be Human - 9 October 2011
This talk, given by our master in Hindi and translated into English, implores us to forget our differences of language, culture and religion and progress together as human beings, protecting the inner light that is in every heart. The complete talk is available at  
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"New Information" on the web site
Please take note of the “New Information” column on the right-hand side of our web site’s home page. Here you will find links to newly published talks and other media, along with several beautiful slide shows from recent events at Babuji Memorial Ashram and Master’s tours in India and Dubai. To read, see and enjoy, go to  
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