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Guidelines for submitting articles to be considered for Constant Remembrance

Your heartfelt insights on spirituality as gained from the practice of Sahaj Marg are welcomed. Please send contributions to cr<at>srcm.org as a .doc or .docx attachment using MS Word. Include your full name and centre/country in the article itself. Please proofread the articles carefully before submitting and use proper English grammar and punctuation.

All articles should reflect your personal understanding in an experiential way. Through your practice of Sahaj Marg, how have your insights been reflected in your life? What have you learned that has contributed to your spiritual change and growth, and how have those changes manifested in your life?

Articles selected for publication may be edited for clarity and brevity. We regret that we are unable to publish all the articles received. Kindly note that all materials submitted to Constant Remembrance must be original writings by the person submitting and not those taken or paraphrased from other sources. If any quotes are taken directly from the writings of the Masters or other writings or paraphrased by you, the source must be properly cited with author, book title, edition and page number. If sources are used from outside SRCM publications, appropriate permissions must be obtained prior to submission.

Articles, artwork and poetry contributions submitted to Constant Remembrance will be reviewed by the publication team for possible publication. By sending in your content for consideration, please note that you are granting full publishing and distribution rights to Shri Ram Chandra Mission, including any of its assignees/licencees.