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Shukla Tirth Retreat Centre - Useful Tips


  • Each retreatant is strongly advised to maintain a personal, confidential record of his or her spiritual development. Everyone is encouraged to be especially alert to changes of condition as they occur during the day and to note them in a personal journal.
  • Retreatants should remember the spiritual purpose of their retreat and do their best to maintain the purity of the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the physical environment.
  • Retreatants should come with an open heart, ready to accept whatever one is to experience, without expectation or personal agenda. That is the most valuable attitude to bring to the retreat.
  • Retreatants are advised to arrive and leave the centre during the day time as it may be difficult to find the place at night
  • Retreatants are to bring along their personal necessities, sufficient clothing and prescription medication for their stay and insect/mosquito repellants.
  • Weather is mostly warm with showers off and on throughout the year. The rainy season is in November and December.
  • Retreatants are advised to dress appropriately at all times keeping in mind sensitivities of fellow retreatants and the spiritual purpose of a retreat centre.
  • Retreatants are advised to bring sufficient cash (preferably Ringgit Malaysia) as there are no banks / ATMs nearby.