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Appointment of Vice-President, SRCM

August 15, 2012, Manapakkam, Chennai, India

Dear brothers and sisters,

I thank you all for coming to this Extra-Ordinary Annual General meeting at such short notice, especially after most of you have been to Tiruppur – after a wild goose chase there. Circumstances beyond my control have brought out these events, and it is with great personal effort that I am here before you today. Your response, your overwhelming response, indicates to me that what my dear Babuji Maharaj writes again and again in Whispers is true: that hearts are beginning to open to Reality, that people want the spiritual life more and more, are willing to commit themselves more and more, and give themselves to it more and more, which is a very good sign.

Now I have been in bed for forty-five days, since the fifth of July. The first two, three weeks went very bad. Subsequently also it is not so very bad, but bad. I think, personally I think, it will take a few more weeks for me to be on my feet though my doctors say, “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Today,” “Tomorrow.”

I have been thinking a lot about the Mission. Over the past two and a half, three years, I have sent messages to Babuji Maharaj that my eyesight is failing. He knows about it. Of course, he says, “These things happen,” but the practical implication is that I can’t read emails, somebody has to read them; I have to dictate, somebody has to type them, and that is not something that a president should be doing. It is not correct. When I sign cheques I have to ask brother MDS, “Where is this going? What for? What is the amount?” and then sign, because I can’t see. Now, during the last one month, my signature itself has become a scribble, sort of.

So I have come to the conclusion that it would not be proper for me to continue as President. After all, Kamlesh Patel is ready. He has been nominated and accepted worldwide. All the legal things have been put in place. There is nothing … the working committee must just take a signature from him saying, “I accept to be the President,” like they did in Hyderabad in ’83, and that is that, you see. So to make sure that I would not be going on the wrong track, I wrote to beloved Babuji Maharaj. Somebody read it.

Kamlesh Patel: This letter is written by our beloved Master:


11 August 2012, Saturday, 12:15 pm

Beloved Babuji Maharaj,

I prostrate at your feet. I have been very unwell for four weeks now, during which I have suffered a great deal. I have turned eighty-five years old. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Solely in the interests of the Mission and its proper guidance, I propose to transfer all the powers of the President, under the constitution and by-laws, to brother Kamlesh Patel and request the working committee to announce him as the third president of the Mission on the fifteenth of August 2012. He is ready for the job and all the legal formalities have already been put in place. I have therefore called for an extra-ordinary general meeting of the Mission on the fifteenth August morning, which is to accomplish this fact.

On that morning, I shall cease to be the President and Kamlesh Patel shall take over as the next representative.

[Working Committee Member continues reading]

On that morning, I shall cease to be President, and Kamlesh Patel shall take over as the next representative. I have to humbly make this suggestion because my body is very weak. During these four weeks I have been spoon-fed by my children and unable to get out of bed. I do not foresee any improvement in my health status. If the hierarchy so decides, I shall continue as the Master of Sahaj Marg.

Dear Master, I require clear instructions in this matter.

With my love,

Your son,


PR: I received his reply promptly.

Working Committee Member: Master has received this reply from revered Babuji Maharaj.


Saturday, August 11, 2012, 4 pm

My dearest son,

That idea is agreeable to us. You may implement it according to the wishes you have expressed. You must imperatively free yourself from anything that currently weighs heavily on you. As we have said previously, the essential part of your activity is going on in a masterly fashion. Make all the decisions you deem appropriate. Make it all clear and irrefutable. You know human reactions better than anyone else, as you have suffered first-hand from them so much. Likewise, your future successor will endure a lot of it.

Take care of yourself, dear great Parthasarathi. You are so precious to our hearts. The remainder of your Earthly life is important in terms of clarifying things. We cannot avert all the turbulence prompted by your health problems. You know the matter well; it is needless to insist on it. Do everything you deem necessary for your peace of mind and the welfare of the Mission. More than ever, we are at your side. Be at peace as much as the current situation permits. When you come and rejoin us on the heavenly fields with the whole of your bodies, you will be able to truly assess the incredible work you have accomplished for this great Mission. We carry you with utmost love and we support you in every respect. We all here wish you all the best.

Babuji Maharaj


PR: Apart from these messages, which are my personal exchanges with Babuji Maharaj, he has been sending open messages every day for the last two, three weeks, emphasising the importance of whatever it is. I am not running away from anything. You all know I have never run away from anything. But when I cannot do anything, what is the alternative? So that is why I have taken this decision. The working committee may deliberate on it and let me know what they want. All right?

[Working committee members suggest that Master continue as President and brother Kamlesh be nominated as Vice-President.]

PR: With all powers.

Aap log samajh gaye na mera prastaav? Bhaion, beheno, spasht samjhe na? [Did you all understand my proposal? Brothers and sisters, did you understand clearly?]

Mera vichaar hai ki bhai Kamlesh Patel ko abhi President bana den aur mein chutti le loon. Lekin hamare buzurg log kehte hain ki Kamlesh Patel ko abhi Vice-President bana deejiye with all powers. [My thought is that brother Kamlesh Patel can be made the President now and I can take leave. But our seniors here are saying, “Please make brother Kamlesh Patel the Vice-President now, with all powers.”] [applause]

Abhyasis: Yes.

PR: All right, I agree. [applause]

To aaj hi kar deejiye kaagazaat waagazaat [Prepare the documents today]: “as Vice-President who shall enjoy the powers of the constitution and shall do everything as if it is done by the President.” Appoint Kamlesh Patel as Vice-President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, who will enjoy all the powers of the constitution and by-laws, and all actions done by him will be as done by the President.

[Master gives a brief sitting]

PR: Kai doctor – sab yahaan ghire huey hain hamaare. Unka kehna hai hamen yahaan se seedha bistre (pe) jaana hai, kafi strain ho chuka hai. Mujhe afsos hai ki har ek se hum mil nahi paayenge, na vidai le paayenge. Voh hoga, phir kabhi milenge. Sab ko aashirvaad hai.

[My doctors, who are all around me, tell me that I should go straight to bed and that I have strained myself too much. I regret that I will not be able meet each one of you individually, nor say goodbye. It may happen when we meet again. Blessings to all of you.]