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Embrace Spirituality Totally

Message to abhyasis of the USA on 30th April 2008

Note: This was not given in Moscow but was a pre-recorded message on a DVD carried to the Cleveland seminar and broadcast there on 30 April morning after the satsangh.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

You must all be assembling or have already assembled in Cleveland for Babuji’s birth anniversary. I regret I had to be sick this year, though I was planning for it with a great deal of enthusiasm and a feeling of wanting to be there. Unfortunately, my health suffered a setback early in February and I am not able to travel so far. But I don’t think there will be anything lost because my Master will always be there, not today, not tomorrow, not on this occasion—but forever, looking after you and your spiritual needs. As He is doing for all of us, whether we are in India or Australia or the United States, because His love is all-pervasive. It goes through the entire universe. It covers the entire universe. And it is lavished upon us without any consideration of whether we deserve it or not.

Under the blessings of being with such a Master during His presence on earth as well as now when He is even more liberal, more generous, and more divine, if that can be said, from His abode in the Brighter World, all of us have nothing to expect except bliss, bliss and more bliss.

The people of America have been very open to receiving Sahaj Marg as I have seen during my perhaps thirty to forty years experience of you all, with you all in the U.S. But unfortunately the tendency to experiment with various methods, schemes, sometimes reacts against our own self-interest, because in the process of experimenting we may lose the forest for the trees.

I am sorry for all those brothers and sisters who were with us and in one way or other have lost the benefit of this great system existing on earth solely for human welfare, human spiritual welfare, and the ability for us all to lead a balanced life. I have been somewhat concerned that numbers in the U.S. have decreased steadily over the past twenty years, but I am assured by those who know better than me the facts about the U.S. Mission, that there is once again an upward swing to the curve reflecting growth. I am not at all bothered about the growth of the Mission as people put it, because what is the Mission that it should grow? It is not a mango or a pineapple that it grows. A mission is an organization. Our Mission is here to serve human beings for their spiritual life, spiritual welfare, spiritual progress so that they may emancipate themselves from this human life: the life of bondage to our samskaras restricting our freedom, bringing in elements of sorrow, pain, suffering, frustration into our lives, and denying us the possibility of leading a balanced life in which there can be no ups and downs, no exaggerated tendencies, no exaggerated feelings, but those which are natural to the human heart.

I do wish to see the American people with all their intellectual prowess, their engineering abilities, their technological excellence, their education, their character—which is one of cheerfulness, friendliness and so many other positive qualities— assume all these positive qualities in the field of spirituality, too. It would be a tragedy for Sahaj Marg and for the American people if they don’t accept such a system and at least live in it for the six months that we specify to see what it can do and what it can offer to us for the future. I do hope that my Master’s call to arise, to awake, and to accept that which is given as an immortal benefit will not go unheeded as it has gone unheeded during the past centuries, even in India.

You are a people who are better equipped to identify, to decide, to accept, and to march on with, except in the field of spirituality. I hope your abilities will guide you to accept these tendencies, modify them, magnify them and embrace spirituality as a totality in your life—because spirituality must be the core of existence, not the periphery.

May He bless you all on this auspicious occasion of His birth anniversary and be ever with you to guide you to Himself.

Thank you.