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Revered Master's Message for Lignano

 Revered Master's Message for Lignano on 19th October, 2004

Dear sisters and brothers,

I am happy to welcome you all to this seminar, which I fervently trust and hope, will instill renewed hope and faith in your hearts. I am heartened to know that there are as many as a thousand and five hundred of you registered for this seminar, which, unfortunately, I am not able to attend personally. My heart is however with you all, as always, and more so on this solemn and yet joyful occasion, which gives us all an opportunity to meet spiritually, through a linking together of all our hearts in the larger presence of the Divine heart of my beloved Master.

My Master, Babuji Maharaj, has emphasized the need for human beings to retain the heart of a child, which alone can protect us from adversity. Here is what my Master has instructed me to tell you all, my sisters and brothers.

"This heart is the seat of the soul, the very essence of the being in his frantic quest towards transcendence. Everything depends on this level. Become as little children. If life has hardened you and moved you away from the source, this is the only thing that can refresh you. Your spiritual process, as practiced in Sahaj Marg, has this objective - to make you focus on the essentials.

The need for such a heart is felt within you. Your material life may fulfill you, but often while leaving in you a feeling of emptiness, of an indefinable lack of something you know not what. An unremitting practice of meditation highlights more and more this major aspiration to be united with the divine. Such a union is the culminating achievement of a long quest, when the truth unfolds itself, and reveals itself to the seeker.

In this field of Spirituality, it is enough to want this, and to practice the system correctly. Human life has too many attractions of a fictitious life fraught with obstacles diverting man from his true destiny. Sahaj Marg, practiced with devotion and dedication to self-improvement, and evolution, enables us to regain a wisdom, which we have lost.

It takes even abhyasis time to understand this, but that is how it is in this world, in which anything can happen, both the good and the bad. Many souls, nominated for a higher destiny, are waking up to this inner need to develop the trusting heart of a child, dependent upon its mother without any consciousness of being dependent. Such of our abhyasis who are able to develop this will go towards my divine Master, and will be guided by Him. That is the goal of our spiritual path: to meet the growing needs of humanity which is at the cusp of two worlds."

Let us not waste the precious time given to us, remembering that the sole purpose of human life is to evolve spiritually by transcending the human condition. Human life is precariously perched on the edge of a precipice, and one can never know when a strong wind will blow us off the shelf into the abyss below. A spiritual life will take us on the journey to infinity, to a spiritual reality the attainment of which is our purpose. The law of life says that the wise must help the not so wise; the strong must help the weak; the rich must help the poor; the advanced must help those who are lagging behind on the path; and finally the Spiritually aware person must respect and love all life, knowing that everything has its place in the magnificent universe, which the spiritually enlightened alone can see, while the rest of us must accept it on faith, until our eyes too are opened to that reality. Divine Wisdom has created and pervades all Life.

I call upon all our brothers and sisters, who have tasted of the fruit that Sahaj Marg has given them, the elders of the Mission in Europe, to be examples to the younger generation of abhyasis. It is their duty to offer guidance to them patiently, and to lovingly take them along the simple path that Sahaj Marg is, without the human mind, aptly often referred to as the mind of a monkey, complicating the practice, because of the love of the intellectual mind for complexity.

The essence, as my Master has stated it, is to develop the heart of a child, filled with wonder, hope and faith. May all take this message from my Master to heart, and proceed on and on towards the goal.

CHENNAI, 19th October 2004