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The Importance of Daily Sadhana

16 May 2010, Tiruppur, India

I do hope we will have such gatherings frequently, because until we reach a stage in our spiritual life where we don’t need any more input of enthusiasm, it is necessary to keep adding more [fuel] to the fire periodically.

Often we have wishes, we have hopes, but we don’t have aspiration. What we need is aspiration, which is something much higher, where the heart with every beat, says, “I must go up, I must go up, I must go up.” That is why we often need such meetings, stay together for three, four days, develop a lot of, shall we say, power in the tank — refuel. But often by the time we go home the tank is empty and we slip back into our daily routine, not understanding, not realising, that every morning we have to add fuel to this fire by meditation, by following the daily niyama — evening cleaning, night prayer. Because what you get here must be always in addition to what you create for yourself by your daily sadhana. This is not enough.

Your daily sadhana is the foundation of your spirituality. What you receive in these bhandaras, gatherings, is the superstructure. So please remember that it is necessary to come, it is necessary to receive, it is essential to preserve what we have received. And for that you have to be regular in your daily sadhana which must go deeper and deeper into yourself so that when we meet again your receptivity is much more. You can receive much more. As Babuji said, if you take a small bag to the vegetable market, how much can you bring home? So this [heart] must digest, absorb, so that when you come, your capacity is enlarged and in the same three sittings you get much more than you would have gotten today or last year or the year before last.

So please remember that you have to be here. If you make your life simple, avoid unnecessary expenses, even for marriages and things like that, social occasions, there will be no problem in finding the money to come to a gathering once a year or twice a year. It is because we don’t give up all our social and other religious habits, and we continue to spend money on those things, that we find it difficult to manage Sahaj Marg expenditure.

So if you have faith in Sahaj Marg, if you have felt that you have benefited by your sadhana here over the days, over the months, and over the years, there should be no hesitation in giving up what you did in the past, knowing that they brought you to Sahaj Marg and that is over; their part is over, their role in your life is over — now this has taken over.

I pray for you all that such realisation you will feel in your heart and realise the importance of daily sadhana which, if you do properly, is deepening the foundation more and more; here you build more and more this way [upwards], like a tree. Big trees — the root goes deep into the earth so that the trunk can rise tall and high. I pray for you all. I pray that Babuji Maharaj will bless you. Have a safe journey home, and we will meet again soon. Thank you.