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We Are All One

Address to the Seminar for Abhyasis from Africa - 16 July 2011, Chennai, India

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Good morning. I am delighted that we have, at last, a seminar for people of Africa. My Master, Babuji Maharaj, visited South Africa long ago, and there was a book produced about that visit with the title, Light in the Dark Continent. I am sad that Africa is called the ‘Dark Continent’. Of course I know that people of Africa are not all white, not all black, not all speaking English, not all speaking French. It is a huge country, known more for its wildlife and for the poachers who are destroying that wildlife. It was also known as the feeding ground for the slaves of America.

So you see, Africa has a very mixed image outside that country. It still has a wide spectrum of cultures, from the grossest superstition to the modern enlightened mind of the white people! So I have personally believed that the darkness is in the hearts of the people – not in Africa. When we see the history of the African continent – how Rhodesia was bartered for two bottles of whisky and five kilograms of beads for the women… So you see, you have sold your country through ignorance, through superstition, through internecine warfare among your own peoples (the tribes). The whole state of Rhodesia was created like that. And Mr Cecil Rhodes became Sir Cecil Rhodes! C’est le même problème avec tous les pays en Afrique. Non? [It’s the same problem in all African countries. No?] Superstition, greed, selling elephant tusks six feet long for another bottle of whisky! All the treasures were frittered away like that. Therefore, I say, Africa is not dark, the people are dark; not externally – but ici, dans le coeur [here, in the heart]. Superstition, ignorance, tribal customs which are still killing off millions of Africans every year. I can only remember that about the Hutu and the Tutsi.

So Africans have to become from dark to light before Africa can become light. I think we have a small nucleus here today, a handful of people, a mere drop in the ocean, but you can do wonders if you are faithful to the ideals that you want to learn, to cherish, if you have in your heart the welfare of your people, if you cherish the freedom of your people from domination, and if you are willing to work for all this fearlessly.

So, are you up to the challenge? Or are we still going to bang our spear on the ground and say, “My king.” So you have to answer this question to yourself, and either you will run away and quit Sahaj Marg, or be of some use in the redemption of the African people in the re-creation of a new Africa. We can only help. We cannot do anything from here. We can help, we can pray. You have to do. Okay? Are you willing? [Abhyasis: Yes.] I want this section to answer. No more tribal customs, no more tribal killing. One heart – the African heart. Le coeur de lion. D’accord? [The heart of a lion. Okay?] [Applause]

So today we begin this possible exercise to follow God’s plan for human beings everywhere. It is not only for Africa or for Australia, it is for human beings everywhere, without distinction of race, colour, sex, anything. So we must not have hatred; there must be no class consciousness, colour consciousness. There must only be the feeling in the heart that whatever I may be outside and inside, we are all parts of one whole, and that is the only way to God. Killing a lion may make you brave, and doing something else for three days in the jungle may make you brave. But, according to my Master Babuji Maharaj, the real bravery is to remove from my heart everything that divides me from others, and to make me understand that in the eyes of God we are all one. And I am your brother, I must be willing to share what I have with you. I must not kill to take. I must love, and I must help and respect all.

This is my Master’s message, and I am happy you are all here in some way to partake of this, to participate in this divine adventure of transformation of people – eventually, to create one world, one humanity, all brothers and sisters.

Thank you for coming.