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Daaji's Travel to Nagpur and Madhya Pradesh

2022.14 Tuesday, 12 July 2022

May 28 to June 15, 2022

After many months of prolonged travel restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, on May 28, 2022, beloved Daaji stepped out of Kanha Shanti Vanam for Nagpur, leaving abhyasis expectant and filled with inexpressible joy at the possibility of seeing him.

He boarded the Rajdhani Express from Hyderabad on a 6-hour train journey with a few travel companions. There was a pleasant surprise on the way, when abhyasis from Chandrapur brought a delicious lunch for him.

On arrival at Nagpur, Daaji was welcomed at the Nagpur Junction railway station by a large gathering of abhyasis. In the evening, he conducted group meditation, and also shared some insights for reflection, reminding everyone of a fundamental thing mentioned by Pujya Babuji Maharaj time and again, “Practice is your responsibility. Progress is my business.” He then went on to share the dialogue between King Janaka and Ashtavakra, expanding on the five things we must cultivate in our hearts to obtain Brahma Vidya (higher Knowledge), Mukti (Liberation), and Vairagya (Detachment).

The stay at Nagpur was very eventful. Daaji met with Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon’ble Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Maharashtra, and had a very fruitful discussion with him about various roadway and biogas projects. A few days later, Daaji arrived at the RSS headquarters in Nagpur for the Third Year Officers’ Training Camp Valedictory Ceremony.

RSS Valedictory Ceremony

On this occasion, Daaji gave the keynote speech, some excerpts of which are given here:

"US President, J.F. Kennedy used to say, ‘Don’t think what your country can do for you, think what you can do for your country.’ The country is made up of us only. Together we form the nation. We are Jains, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and we all offer prayers in our respective ways. It is good. We all have a common goal that India must thrive, and receive acclaim in the world.

"If India has to be become a guiding light, it will not be possible until we are also empowered in the material world. However rich we are spiritually, no one listens. We have to strengthen both our material and spiritual wings. We must integrate both worlds and move forward. That is yoga.

"When many people gather together and do something, they create an atmosphere that affects us. It can either help us to progress or lead to our downfall. The environment is not created by any one person. When we leave one province and enter another, there are places that feel heavy and places we feel joy. Whenever I return home from other countries to India, I cry tears of joy. Why? Such is the atmosphere of this land. When we arrive in India, there is peace in the heart, and we feel good, because this land is filled with saints, their prayers, their practices – not just one saint, thousands of saints have come.

"In the same way, our thoughts, our prayers, and our penance for our country will build the country. We must be healthy and fit, participate in sports, study, and serve society. We can only serve when we have progressed. We must be strong spiritually and materially, individually, as families, and as a society. Only then will the nation make progress. When the country is strong materially and spiritually, it can then be a guiding light to the world.

"There are thousands of institutions in our country – whether Sunni or Shia, Islamia or Sulemani, Chishti or Kabuli, Noorbakshi or Swaminarayan, Brahma Kumaris, Gayatri Parivar, or Patanjali Parivar – so let’s all come together, in unity. Let’s build our nation anew.

"Together, let’s eradicate poverty. Together, let’s create a special energy in our country that remains a dream for the saints and kings of the past.

"The big things for us are unity in this country, and to sacrifice our lives for this country. We need have no enemies, only love and friendship for all. We live in one country, we serve the same country. Let us promise to turn the dream of our Mother India into a reality."

Adding to these momentous events, Daaji started a plantation drive just before World Environment Day and taught everyone about the importance and uses of activated Biochar. He also met with the press during his stay at Nagpur. A

fter Nagpur, Daaji began a tour of central India and visited various cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh. His first stop was Seoni, where he conducted group meditation at the center. Then he continued on to the cultural capital of the state, Jabalpur, reaching on the evening of June 4, and conducting the Sunday group meditation the following day.

He was joined by the Hon’ble State Minister for Food Processing Industries and Jal Shakti, Shri Prahalad Patel. Daaji gave a brief talk after the meditation session, when he again emphasized the need for unity. This was followed by tree planting at the Jabalpur Heartfulness Center. He proceeded to the city of Sagar around noon and, on reaching there, conducted group meditation and also met with the press later in the day.

Ganj Basoda

From Sagar, Daaji continued to the city of Ganj Basoda. He was very impressed by the discipline of the abhyasis there, saying, “Let this ashram be an example of discipline to all other ashrams. Hopefully they will learn from this ashram.” He stayed for two nights, meeting local MLAs and planting trees with abhyasis. After this, Daaji visited the Vidisha Heartfulness Center, where he met several families whose children were studying at The Heartfulness Learning Center in Kanha Shanti Vanam. He also met with some local MLAs and continued his plantation activities.

Bhopal Meditation Hall

Daaji’s next stop was Bhopal on the morning of June 8. He conducted a group meditation and addressed the gathering, leaving everyone with a question to ponder: “How do we evolve the Soul”? He also mentioned that he was very happy with the spiritual progress of the abhyasis at Bhopal. In another informal talk with adepts of the center, he mentioned that a significant percent of them had already achieved the state of liberation.

The next day he was the guest of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, to collaborate on various projects for the state of Madhya Pradesh. The CM then joined Daaji for a plantation drive called “One Plant A Day.” Daaji also spoke about “Forests By Heartfulness” and urged people to take the afforestation drive ahead for a brighter future. It was also an occasion for celebration as he signed MOUs with Barkatullah University and LNCT University, Bhopal, to include the Heartfulness Schools Program of the Heartfulness Education Trust in their curriculum. It was a promising step forward for the mental, spiritual and emotional well-being of students.


Daaji then headed to Hoshangabad, conducted a group meditation session for the abhyasis, had his lunch, then left for Nasrullaganj, where he visited an old abhyasi. The house had been constructed by his father in the hope that one day the Master would come and stay there. Although he had passed away, his wish had finally been fulfilled. Daaji conducted group meditation there, filling everyone with a sense of emptiness and wholesomeness at the same time, before proceeding to his next destination.

His next stop was Harda, a small town from where the maximum number of students are staying at The Heartfulness Learning Center hostel. He stayed at Harda for two nights to rest and recuperate. The Hon’ble minister of Agriculture, Madhya Pradesh, visited the Harda Heartfulness Meditation Center and had a productive discussion with Daaji.


Then Daaji proceeded to Indore, on the way visiting the city of Ashta, where he encouraged the abhyasis to become more regular in their practice. At Indore, Daaji conducted group meditation sessions, managed plantation activities, visited the nursery, and explained the process of soil enrichment, best farming practices, and various agricultural techniques.

Daaji also signed multiple MOUs at Indore, spreading the message of holistic development and its importance in the lives of students. It was indeed a moment of unprecedented joy when the Heartfulness Institute signed an MOU with Indore Institute of Technology, Indore Institute of Management and Indore Institute of Pharmacy (IIST-IIP-IIMR) to include Heartful Living in their curriculum. Then, 400 members from the Police Training Academy joined in for meditation, which included faculty members and students. Daaji also met Smt. Usha Thakur, the Hon’ble State Minister for Spirituality, Culture and Tourism.


Daaji then proceeded to Ujjain, 54 km from Indore. On his arrival, he started with a meditation session, followed by a Q&A session with the abhyasis. It is heartening to note that the Heartfulness Institute signed an MOU with Vikram University for the inclusion of Heartful Lessons. Daaji then laid the foundation stone for the Ujjain Heartfulness Center, and the plantation activities continued with zeal and momentum. Daaji planted Triveni - saplings of banyan, neem, and peepal trees in a triangle. He said, “As they grow, their branches entwine and the three become one."

From Ujjain he proceeded back to Indore. On the morning of June 14, he addressed the abhyasis at Indore after the meditation session, sharing, “The time to leave Indore has come, and Kanha is calling. Overall, the tour which began in Nagpur has been very fruitful.” He further added, “Our Mission has grown not just in numbers but in quality of abhyasis and their receptivity. They are able to absorb and retain charge for a longer duration and we can only be grateful to our Masters and also those abhyasis who are contributing to their own personal growth by sincere and dedicated practice."

During his entire journey, Daaji also addressed many questions raised by abhyasis about the practices. The wisdom he shared needs sincere commitment and willingness to act without further delay.. And very notably, at every center on the entire journey, as soon as he arrived and no matter how far he had traveled, Daaji distributed chocolates to each and every child before doing anything else.

On June 15, Daaji’s tour of Madhya Pradesh came to an end and he headed back to Kanha Shanti Vanam. As he was welcomed by the longing hearts at Kanha, grace overflowed from above as the rains drenched Kanha in aliveness and jubilant stillness.