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The Wisdom Bridge: Write a review and spread the good word!

2022.26 Sunday, 16 October 2022


Dear sisters and brothers,

Many of you who attended the bhandara would have picked up a copy of The Wisdom Bridge. It was wonderful to witness the joy and happiness when people were handed their copies by Daaji himself. Here is an Instagram video in case you missed the moment

In all the conversations he has been having about the book, Daaji has spoken about the importance of reading and sharing the wisdom that this book offers. Also, he has clarified that this book is as much for our youth (future parents) as it is for the current generation of parents and grandparents.

One powerful way to share wisdom is through a detailed reviews on Amazon. In about a week, Amazon India and other retailers will start selling the book, so please buy a copy online in case you haven't done so already and write a review. Keep your review ready in case you have already read the book.

Here are some ideas for posting a glowing review:

Write about a line or a chapter that appealed to you. For example, "Reading the line it still takes a village, took me back to memories of my childhood," or "The science behind massaging a child was absolutely fascinating," etc. Make it personal, authentic and share what you liked in the book. An authentic review helps potential readers make a decision. Here is a link to the reviews about another book that might spark some ideas for you

Add a Picture: In the review, add a picture of the page you are referring to, or highlight some lines and share it. Here is a good example of something that works.

Talk about other aspects: If you like the humor, the tone, the design of the book, the illustrations, the packaging, or anything else, write about that, too. Again the most important thing is to be authentic and share the experience.

Warm regards,
Heartfulness Team