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Health Guidelines for September Bhandara

2023.16 - Sunday, 17 September 2023

Dear sisters and brothers,

There is high prevalence of contagious viral illnesses circulating in the population at the moment all over the state and the country. Elderly individuals getting severely affected with prolonged and complicated course. Recently Nipah virus causing high fatality has surfaced in Kozhikode district of Kerala.

Hence all abhaysis are requested to follow these medical guidelines.

  1. Abhyasis aged more than 65 preferably not to plan visit to Kanha.
  2. Wearing mask, frequent hand wash and social distancing helps to prevent viral fevers to a significant extent and all are requested to follow these precautions.
  3. Abhaysis with diabetes and hypertension or asthma should be taking proper treatment with good control before coming to Kanha.
  4. Abhysis of any age with breathing trouble for whatever reason should avoid coming to Kanha.
  5. Those with heart ailments (stents, heart failure, chest pain, open heart surgery, etc.) should better avoid visiting Kanha as it will be tasking for them to move/walk in huge Kanha premesis and can exacerbate the underlying health issue necessitating hospitalization.
  6. Kanha medical center at Kanha Shantivanam is a day care center with facilities for outpatient care ONLY and hence those who are having the above complaints will be given first aid and will be referred to hopsitals in the city at their own expenses, in case of any destabilization.
  7. Any abhyasis with health issues must continue their regular medications and should carry enough medicines to cover their stay.
  8. Those visitors who have any health issue while at Kanha are advised to contact the doctors at Kanha medical center promptly to get the medical help needed and avoid delays.
  9. The Kanha medical center will be open for emergencies round the clock with pharmacy and ambulance services.
  10. All elderly are cautioned to walk attentively at slow pace in the meditation hall and for those having balance issues it is advised to use walking stick, take support of the rails or ask for help from fellow satsanghis.
  11. Those with diabetes should take their treatment (insulin and drugs) regularly. Do not indulge in fasting. Do not abruptly stop medications. Carry the glucometer (glucose checking machine) to check sugars as and when needed.
  12. At children's park, parents should monitor and take care of their children while playing. We came across children getting seriously hurt due to non monitoring. Its a special request and caution to parents.
  13. Carry soft copies of your medical prescriptions/records and health insurance details in case they are needed and will be very helpful for getting treatment.
  14. Abhyasis from Kerala are requested not to attend Bhandara in view of Nipah viral outbreak in that state.

Dr Kishore Sabbu MD
Kanha medical center