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Daaji's Message for Self Nominating for Preceptor Work

2023.7 Thursday, 13 April 2023

Dear sisters and brothers,

Our Mission is growing very rapidly. To enable the creation of many more preceptors, who can work of the Master in taking the benefits of Sahaj Marg to every household, Daaji, on 1 May 2023, has given a gracious invitation.

Those who are willing and would like to volunteer their services for the sacred work of a Preceptor and are familiar with Sahaj Marg literature, may self-apply using the following link http://hfn.link/preceptor-application

The form is in English or Hindi as yet, and a link to update ones SRCM/Heartfulness profile is embedded in the form.

The applications will be properly screened, and then candidates will be enrolled in the training program for preceptor preparation.

To discuss the above, particularly the state wise support structures required as well as Central assistance, call with RF and ZCs will be scheduled and intimated separately.

Meanwhile the abhyasis can self-nominate using the form in link above.

Thank you.

Heartfully yours
Preceptor Training Team