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Collection of PAN and other data from donors to Heartfulness organizations

2023.8 - Friday, 19 May 2023

Dear sisters and brothers,

This circular is addressed to all of you who donate to our Heartfulness organizations, SRCM, and SMSF in India.

Since April 2022, our organizations have been required to upload all donations received during the year into a government portal, along with the PAN and other details of each donor. The details must be correctly uploaded for both the donor and the organization to benefit.

Many of us donate at our local Heartfulness centres, online, via ECS, or by direct transfer, so to improve our reporting, we have created a database of PAN and other details that are matched with those given at the time of receiving donations. Please note that you may only claim the 80G tax benefit if the PAN is correctly provided.

To register your ID proof, e.g. PAN, please go to https://donations-classic.heartfulness.org/abhyasi-general-information/ The database will only be used for this purpose and no other.

Even after updating your data online, it is still necessary to provide your PAN at the time of making a donation if you wish to claim the 80G tax benefit and have your donation associated with your name.

You are welcome to send any questions to info.accounts@sahajmarg.org.

The Finance Team - India