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Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of Heartfulness

2024.15 - Thursday, 7 March 2024

Respected elders, dear sisters and brothers,

We thank all the inspiring Heartfulness practitioners and seekers who have joined hands with us to promote the initiatives of Heartfulness through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within their organizations. As we begin 2024, we would like to share a few of these projects, demonstrating the far-reaching vision of Daaji, ensuring the application of agroecology, conservation, and climate action. As Heartfulness increasingly collaborates with government bodies, we are undertaking significant projects that yield profound social impact. Among the many projects, some impactful initiatives in the field of environmental sustainability, education, wellness community building are shared here.

Heartfulness has partnered with the Forest Departments to re-afforest thousands of acres of the Aravalli Mountains in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Haryana. This is aimed at regenerating and preserving the natural environment on a larger scale.

Yet another project worth mentioning is the re-afforestation of 2,000 acres of degraded land in Shivgarh, Madhya Pradesh. This is an attempt to restore the ecosystems and increase biodiversity in the areas that require ecological regeneration.

In Ratlam, M.P., we are currently implementing a 100-acre city forest that will contribute as an oxygen bank. This revolutionary initiative, one of the initial 400 across India, seeks to highlight the significance of green spaces in urban design and its impact on positive aspects of life.

In the healthcare sector, we have constructed a huge ICU and mother-and-child health unit at Kanha Medical Centre, at an investment of Rs. 500,000,000.

Our work with corporations addresses some of their specific needs, and we are honoured to work with PayPal, PNB, HDFC Bank, Google, Indian Oil, Vodafone, KPMG, McKinsey, Deloitte, TATA, HTC Global Services, Reliance, Indigo, BGSW, Caterpillar, Bank of America, World Wildlife Fund, Amazon, CISCO, Hindustan Times, and Apple.

As an example, PayPal has contributed 100% of its CSR of Rs. 60 million in the last two years and a staggering Rs. 40 million in the current year alone. Such a major contribution has boosted all of our significant schemes. Around 500 employees of PayPal were involved with Heartfulness programs throughout India. With this support, a positive change has been evident in Madhya Pradesh, Vadnagar in Gujarat, various locations in Bangalore, and even the Kanha Sarovar in Kanha Shanti Vanam.

Google in partnership with Heartfulness planted over 8,000 trees on World Environment Day at Kanha Shanti Vanam. A green branding program focusing on diversity, longevity and sustainability, geo-tagging rainforests in three locations with 25,000+ trees planted was co-developed by Bosch Global Software Technologies. A detailed annual governance is also planned for the next three years.

The Heartfulness Institute and the Heartfulness Education Trust have established partnerships with GiveIndia, a leading charitable platform. These successful partnerships have led to various beneficial projects, with GiveIndia giving us essential CSR leads. The effectiveness of these collaborations has resulted in a certificate of appreciation from GiveIndia, ranking Heartfulness #1 during India Philanthropy Day 2023. Heartfulness also has a collaboration with United Way, helping us engage with business ventures that want to give.

To achieve success in these mega projects, sufficient organizational capability is needed; however, the crucial first step is funding. Daaji has formed a dedicated CSR team to lead such efforts, and we look forward to your assistance in connecting us with your organization’s leaders. The CSR team will then evolve these opportunities and ensure the smooth running of the undertakings.

To assist your organization’s awareness-building programs, we can share materials in the form of brochures, videos, photographs, websites, detailed project reports, and other information. Please contact us at csr@heartfulness.org.

Together, let us bring meaningful and sustainable change through the initiatives offered by the Heartfulness organizations. We invite all of you to reach out to your contacts at various corporates to seek their assistance in funding our transformative projects.

Heartful regards,
Heartfulness CSR Team