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Join the Heartfulness Green Team: Inviting Forest Officers, Project Managers and Green Enthusiasts

2024.3 - Friday, 19 January 2024

Dear friends,

You all are aware of our aspiration to create beautiful green oases of peace similar to Kanha Shanti Vanam in many places around the world. To fulfill this dream, we need your support.

If you have a background in biodiversity, or sustainable forestry management, if you're passionate about working with our environmental team to ensure ecological harmony, then seize this wonderful opportunity. Spend time in the spiritual atmosphere of our ashrams and at the same time contribute to this noble cause.

We also seek professional experts in project management, architecture, horticulture, etc. to guide our efforts in creating ecological structures and landscapes.

Please send your resumes to FBH@heartfulness.org if you wish to join us in designing a future of sustainability and regeneration, and create a world in which nature meets spirituality.

Heartful Regards,