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A New Humanity

2024.5 - Sunday, 28 January 2024

Namaste everyone.

We are to embark on a new, a great celebration that will trigger a reinforcement of what our Hierarchies have been dreaming of—a new humanity. One cannot remain jailed in this human form. Transcend, become humane; then you already know the next step, which is Their responsibility, to become divine. Further, they promise from Divinity to Absolute. This is the journey of Sahaj Marg, our Heartfulness Way.

Babuji says: in order to prepare ourselves for that, all sincere seekers of Divinity, those who are really keen on transforming themselves, may become joyful, blissful carriers of spirituality and participate more intensely.

Prepare for a landmark celebration

We begin with this: he says, insist with those abhyasis who are sincere and seeking to transform themselves as best as possible, without exerting too much, take a few individual face-to-face sittings with preceptors before the bhandara, starting today. One sitting today, two sittings tomorrow, and it goes on, even if you take sittings during the bhandara. Meditate, take more sittings, but don’t exert yourself to the point of exhaustion. One or two sittings a day is enough, half an hour only.

Before you do this exercise, try to study your inner spiritual state and your emotional state. Babuji also conveys: hang your miseries, your pain, on his shoulders. He says, I’m willing to take all your pains and miseries. Give them to me. Free yourself from all that. How will you do that? Is it as easy as saying, “Babuji, have these problems of mine?” Yes it is. Try it and see what happens.

I’m mesmerized by this message. That is Their generosity and that is Their promise, also. Thank you.