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A Sampler from the Masters of Sahaj Marg

 Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Fatehgarh


Shri Ram Chandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur


Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari


  • The search for God and Soul ... this fantasy can be cured by another fantasy who is Guru.
  • God has hidden himself inside your hearts and exposed you. Hide yourselves and expose God! This is the real sadhana (practice).
  • Religion, the Shastras (scriptures), the Guru, and one's conscience unanimously never agree on bad things. This is the test of right and wrong action.
  • Afflictions are gifts from God. There are many secrets in them.
  • Real craving for God can be found only in one person out of thousands. What is real love for God? It is the state when the trinity of the lover, the beloved, and love itself disappear. Love is the greatest tapas (austerity).
  • The blind man sees a wonderful sights to which there is no end. The dumb man speaks wonderful speech, and the man having speech becomes dumb.
  • I have not seen anything, still I have seen everything! I have not heard anything, still I have heard everything!


  • Religion divides. Spirituality unites.
  • The end of religion is the beginning of spirituality. The end of spirituality is the beginning of Reality, and the end of Reality is the real Bliss. When that too is gone, we have reached the destination.
  • I cannot say that I am one of the greatest Masters, but your experience will tell that I am one of the best servants.
  • Is there any difference between one master and another? Well, I will tell you. Krishna and Mohammed and I, we are all sleeping in the same way. So what is the difference? I tell you, I am not awake in the same way they were awake. This is the difference.
  • Three obstacles in the path to Realization: 1) We try but there is no attempt; 2) We try too many things at the same time; 3) We do not have confidence in ourselves.
  • Liberation: to reveal oneself before God. Realization: When God reveals Himself. Liberation can be attained by doing abhyas. Realization: He may give it or not; it is His prerogative.
  • The only purpose of human existence is to realize one's nature, which is Divine.
  • What is yoga? A permanent realization of His presence in you, about you, and around you. Yoga is the perception of Reality.
  • Meditation is attention to reality. The active and full attention should be there and not passive receptivity. Thoughts during meditation are like children playing on the road. They are leaving their field waiting for the Divinity to come in.
  • Peace is not God, but non-peace beyond peace is God. Feeling is the language of God. Laya (mergence) is the loss of feeling. Grace is the sweetness of the heart. Proper use of faculties is saintliness. Character is the final things put together. Reality is a faint reflection of colorlessness.
  • Everything can be achieved by love. Meditation and other practices are of little importance in comparison to this.
  • Only one who is happy in all circumstances is truly happy.


  • How to be happy? Don't do what you want to do!
  • We should practice first, then try to understand.
  • Transmission is Pranasya Prana -- the Prana of Prana. The Prana of the Divine is `poured' into your prana.
  • A growing lightness of mind and spirit is the surest test of spiritual progress.
  • Which is the greater of the two, the Master or the disciple? I would not hesitate to answer, `It is the disciple.' And it is not my answer, because my Master himself has said, `It is easy to find a master but extraordinarily difficult to find a disciple.'
  • The Master comes not only to liberate you. He comes to liberate Himself in each one of you.
  • This is the funny thing in Sahaj Marg, you see -- that to get nothing I must want nothing. Wanting nothing, I must go to somebody who is nothing, who has nothing, and try to get from him that nothing he has. It is an extraordinarily beautiful situation.
  • Where to find a Guru? Where to find a system? There are so many. Well, let your intuition guide you. As Babuji Maharaj has said, it is simple. A sincere prayer will bring the guru to your door. If you have one goal, it is easy to find guidance.